How do we best achieve social distancing?

With so many businesses either just re-opening or looking to open their doors again within the very near future, there might be some confusion about social distancing and the best ways in which customers can make sure they keep to the recommended Government guidelines by standing two metres apart. 

Many businesses may also be puzzled to what signage or preventive measures they need to put in place to help their staff and customers abide by the rules, keeping themselves safe?  For any one that has a retail outlet or somewhere where customers will come and queue, there is a simple solution. 

TGS can help!

Although we have a market-leading reputation for commercial van conversions, truck bodies and equipment, we have recently launched a range of products under the banner, FleetSan which offers our customers all they need to protect their staff, visitors and customers from the spread of COVID-19 and any other virus that comes along (we hope of course that won't happen). 

We have floor signs, floor stickers, clear arrow stickers, workspace signage and floor tape that will help you easily and cost-effectively mark out where people should be.  With stock available now, you don't need to rely on just Amazon to help.....the team at TGS have it covered.

It is also worth mentioning that social distancing may be here for a very long time so its probably best to put plans in place now to not only support any grand reopening but to reassure your customers that for the foreseeable future, you are doing all you can to protect them, adhering to what the Government is telling us all to do whilst perhaps supporting what could be our way of life for months to come.

For more information on FleetSan and the range of social distancing products available give us a call on 0117 965 9965 or email