Heath, Safety & Covid 19

Although we are still thinking about COVID-19 and what measures we all need to put in place to protect ourselves, our staff, customers, and others against the spread of the virus, it's also important to make sure that fleet drivers have the health and safety tools they need onboard to keep both themselves and their vehicles safe from harm every single day.

Firstly, an increasing number of commercial vans are being stolen or vandalised so it is important to consider Driver Safety and CCTV cameras for commercial vehicles.  They can help to prevent false claims, providing footage to deter anyone from tampering with or stealing a van, and with geo-tagging and GPS integration, you can see where your vehicles is at any given moment. Driver cameras can also provide vital details if the van was to, unfortunately, be involved in an accident which will help to speed up the claims process.

There are also products that protect your van operators under 'normal' circumstances including; fire extinguishers, ventilation solutions, non-slip and visible steps so whatever your commercial vehicle health & safety needs, think about what should be in place right now, not only to fight COVID-19 but to also offer the right level of protection and safety for the longer term. 

We've also recently launched FleetSan [click here for more information]- a range of protective products and signage which not only reduces the spread of COVID-19 but also enables all of our customers to protect their staff whatever the circumstances. 

As safety and protecting our health increasingly becomes part of our daily lives and with a real need for businesses to demonstrate their commitment to the safety of their staff and customers, it's really important to think about what else you can do to keep everyone safe and well both now and well into the future.  TGS is committed to helping our customers do just that and with an extensive range of products ready for dispatch, we can help you to ensure the optimum safety and protection of your fleet, staff, and customers at all times.  Call us on 0117 965 9965 or click here to find out more.