Eco Flo

Eco Flo

High quality design with lightweight panels to save money and reduce weight

TGS offer a range of Luton Bodies (body extends over cab roof). These bodies are built to the highest standards, whilst keeping cost in mind, and have been utilised by many different organisations.

Bodies can be built using standard GRP panels or we can use market-leading lightweight panels where payload is a critical factor.

Not only does the aerodynamic air management system over the cab add to the stylish appearance, it actually reduces fuel consumption making it the only van for the job.


Key features and benefits

  • GRP panels
  • Alloy mouldings
  • One-piece roof
  • Interior light
  • Restraint track
  • Phenolic flooring
  • Aerodynamic Luton heads


  • Lightweight panels
  • Alloy underframe
  • Narrow slat roller shutter
  • Wide slat roller shutter
  • Barn doors
  • Tail lifts

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