Store Van Modular Racking

Class-leading, high-quality designs to maximise space and accessibility

TGS offer a comprehensive range of high-quality, crash tested modular racking to meet the needs of industry professionals and to maximise the efficiency of their commercial vehicles.

Key features and benefits

  • Galvannealed steel – much higher surface quality and corrosion resistance.
  • Cathodic dip painting with acrylic resin – remarkable resistance to corrosion, uniform deposit of material, corrosion rating of 500 hours, 2H hardness rating.
  • Technology and innovation – sound absorbent elements between various metal parts, innovative aluminium bar anchorage system, ergonomic plastic handles, super smooth drawer guides and closing safety, 25mm height adjustment of the various elements and high resistance/load bearing tubular system.
  • Professional safety – ISO9001: 2015, crash tested to ECE-R17 at 50kmh, GS certification for racking and fittings.
  • Strategically strong – 3 years warranty, elegant design, assembly speed, possible reutilisation of equipment, patented and certified products.


TGS has partnered with StoreVan (a division of the Fami Group) and has sole UK distributorship for their range of class-leading products.

The products that bear the StoreVan hallmark of quality are the result of careful and meticulous design, an awareness of the needs of those who operate light commercial vehicles, and from many years of experience and technological skills.

All StoreVan modules are designed to maximise space and simplify movement. Accessibility is an obvious consideration in the design too.

The materials are of high quality, combining steel, plastic and aluminium. Safety, stability, lightness and noise levels are paramount in the design of these products.

Unique installation methods reduce time and enable units to be transferred from one vehicle to another.



As far as the law is concerned, a van in which tools and spare parts are carried and materials are transported is a workplace. The safety regulations are comprehensive and cover a large number of aspects and this means that vehicle owners have to be able to rely on experienced, precise professionals. The regulations in force on the safety of vehicles as workplaces are strict.

StoreVan personnel knows these rules well, and all their products are designed using materials and methods that take the ergonomic aspects of their specific operations into account. Their products bear the CE mark where required.

3D Drawing System

All fittings proposed to customers are accompanied by 3D drawings of the specific van model and of the relevant fitting. In this way the interested user can see a realistic and high definition simulation of the internal fitting down to the smallest detail.

Thanks to state-of-the-art software and the high professionalism of the program users, in just a few minutes the inside of a van can be created and modified to meet customer requirements. Endless solutions can be created to meet the working requirements of all those categories that use a fitted van as part of their work.

Galvannealed sheet is a variant of hot-dip galvanised sheet. The product is subject to a hot-dip galvanisation process and subsequently heated to approximately 550°C, combining the zinc with the sheet surface to make an alloy with iron. The result is a uniform zinc coating with a fine-grained crystalline structure along with a much higher surface quality and corrosion resistance. This process is ideal for automotive applications. StoreVan introduced and implemented this technology in the commercial vehicles equipment field. Cataphoresis painting is a paint surface treatment able to give the equipment elements a remarkable resistance to corrosion; characterised by uniform deposit of an acrylic resin on the element surface, it ensures long lasting and high protection against chemical agents and other types of surface attacks. The acrylic resin allows a direct exposure to atmospheric agents without altering its technical features. This process ensures an increased protection against rust.