PPE: Gloves Gloves

PPE: Gloves Gloves

We can supply a range of gloves to protect your staff from the spread of COVID-19.

PU-Coated Gloves 

Good grip for dry handling and grease resistance (except oil) light industry glove that delivers excellent grip and resistance [Certificates/Testing: BS EN 388: 2003 - 3131X]

  • Polyester liner.
  • PU-coated palm.
  • High dexterity.
  • Semi-porous coating for breathable wear

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Flex' Foam Nitrile Gloves 

Durable, light-duty glove, ideal for applications where a high level of dexterity is required. Certificates/Testing: Complies with BS EN 388: 2003 - 4131.

  • 70% PU foam nitrile and 30% nitrile palm coating for excellent durability.
  • Seamless knitted nylon and lycra construction for comfort.
  • High dexterity.
  • Pack 12
  • Case 144

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Wonder Grip Aqua Waterproof Gloves

Dry and Wet grip Water resistance.

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Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves

Typically used in the automotive industry and when coming into contact with solvents, oils, and grease. Certificates/Testing: BS EN 374: 2003, BS EN 388: 2003, BS EN 420: 2003, BS EN 455-1: 2000, BS EN 455-2: 2009, BS EN 455-3: 2006 and BS EN 455-4: 2009

  • Latex and protein-free.
  • Extremely strong with good puncture resistance.
  • High level of sensitivity.
  • Blue nitrile gives a clear indication of tears and breaks if they occur.
  • Quantities: 100 gloves per box.

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