Tipping Bodies

  • Tippa 17

    Tippa Light, robust and corrosion-free construction

    The TGS Tippa has its place at the very core of what we do...

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  • Utilitruk Tippa 8

    Utilitruk Tippa A well-proven item that is widely used

    The Tippa - plus a bit more...

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  • Pickup Tippa 1

    Pickup Tippa Rugged aluminum tipping body to suit pick-up trucks

    A blend of lightweight construction and versatility makes a great workhorse in many industries

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  • Streetippa 5

    Streetippa Practical vehicle built with workers' needs in mind

    Loading needs and a secure storage pod makes this an excellent choice for street cleaning

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  • Arbtruk 5

    Arbtruk Durable and Functional

    A robust and reliable solution for the Arboricultural industry

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